Driving and Parking


Fix CarUsually after an amputation you will be required to re-sit a practical assessment to ensure your capabilities behind the wheel of a vehicle. Amputees are able to take lessons from qualified instructors using modified vehicles to regain skills and confidence. Your Occupational Therapist will introduce you to the people to assist you in regaining your driver’s license, if it is possible.

The common modifications that are made to vehicles will usually depend on your level of amputation. There are a number of companies who specialise in the re-fit of accelerator pedals and/or the fit out of hand controls and spinner knobs. The basic refits are not very expensive and do not take long to complete. For more information you may wish to contact The Independent Living Centre WA. www.ilc.com.au


If walking a long distance is difficult for you, a disabled parking permit will assist with close access to venues.

Disabled Parking PermitA person may hold a permit if they have a significant permanent ambulatory disability. Applications forms can be obtained from municipal councils. Permits will only be issued to permanent residents of a municipality. Applications need to be completed by a medical practitioner. Permits are recognised elsewhere in Australia, however parking conditions may differ between States and Territories and should be checked prior to traveling.


You may also be eligible for a Taxi Concession Card

WA Taxi Subsidy Scheme: 1300 660 174